Sunday, 19 June 2011


I am not a taker. I rarely take. I appreciate what people do for me, but i never ask for anything, no matter how small it is. Im usually at the other end of the table. 

I give. or at least i think i do.

i give a lot, maybe even too much. When i was younger i used to love Luke 6:38 from the good book. It says "Give and it will come back to you, good measures, press down and running over". I put this verse in my right hand and worked with it daily. 6 days out of the week, giving is a good thing. You can never go wrong with giving. 

So you would think. 

I recently gave too much[is there such a thing?]. When it comes to a part of yourself, yes there is. The worst thing about giving a part of yourself is; as soon as you make that decision to share a piece of you with someone, its gone. And you cant take it back. This time, i gave for the wrong reasons. I usually do things for people, or give people things out of good nature or because they needed help, but never because i wanted something in return. 

That was my mistake today. I gave, not out of kindness or because it was needed, but because i wanted something in return...Mistake Number 1.

GREED. i think that's what they call it. Greed. Even the word seems evil.

- I wrote that a while ago. Thought i'd share it.

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