Sunday, 19 June 2011


I am not a taker. I rarely take. I appreciate what people do for me, but i never ask for anything, no matter how small it is. Im usually at the other end of the table. 

I give. or at least i think i do.

i give a lot, maybe even too much. When i was younger i used to love Luke 6:38 from the good book. It says "Give and it will come back to you, good measures, press down and running over". I put this verse in my right hand and worked with it daily. 6 days out of the week, giving is a good thing. You can never go wrong with giving. 

So you would think. 

I recently gave too much[is there such a thing?]. When it comes to a part of yourself, yes there is. The worst thing about giving a part of yourself is; as soon as you make that decision to share a piece of you with someone, its gone. And you cant take it back. This time, i gave for the wrong reasons. I usually do things for people, or give people things out of good nature or because they needed help, but never because i wanted something in return. 

That was my mistake today. I gave, not out of kindness or because it was needed, but because i wanted something in return...Mistake Number 1.

GREED. i think that's what they call it. Greed. Even the word seems evil.

- I wrote that a while ago. Thought i'd share it.


Remember them, cherish them, hold them close to your heart, but keep one thing in mind. 

They are in the past 

For example, 22/11/1963, the day JFK died. By all means an iconic day, it changed the course of American history, but almost fifty years down the line, NO ONE CARES. You might think you do [patriotic?] but you really don't. what you do care about is getting through the next week without a relapse [alcoholic], or how much studying you have to do to pass that test.

Simply put: days come and go, its up to you to decide if you should stay with the days gone by, or move on.

I used to remember days (or dates) and i still do, its part of what is holding me back.

BUT its time to let go...

Here's to the Past.

Yes or No

No. In that moment, everything changed. I knew that i would no longer be there. Regardless of all the reassuring words and empty promises. It will never be the same. And it is OK.

Change is good. It can only get better.

Thursday, 2 June 2011


Ive been putting this off for a long time. Dont know why, its probably 'cause im not very good at it, dont really know how it works and all...but ill get there. Here's to my thoughts.